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Population and Size of Badsworth

The population of the village varied little between 1801 and 1901 averaging around 200 inhabitants.
Baines Directory of York and Slaters Directory-"A History of Yorkshire", the Table of population Book held by held by Wakefield Archives details Badsworth as follows:
  Population census: 1801 - 182
  1811 - 196
  1821 - 200
  1831 - 198
  1841 - 200
  1851 - 222
  1861 - 219
  1871 - 190
  1881 - 226
  1891 - 206
  1901 - 189
  1951 - 160
  1971 - 298
  1981 - 393
As can be seen the population of the village changed little during the 19th Century, dictated largely by the number of inhabitants which the water supply could support.
The first half of the 20th Century saw a decline in numbers, presumably as automation of agricultural techniques drove farm labourers to the towns and mines for work.
The 2001 census sees our numbers "lumped in" with those 15,635 inhabitants of the Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton Ward (see link below)
but research undertaken at the time of the creation of the Village Plan suggests that the population of the village today has increased to more than 550.
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