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Badsworth Thorpe Audlin Walk

  Badsworth and Thorpe Audlin
 Map O/S 278 Sheffield and Barnsley
About 6 Miles:allow 2-3 hours

 The Walk
The walk is described from the church car park. Walk through the car park and up into the church yard and go half left past the church porch to arrive back in Main Street and turn right along the pavement ( Grange Court on your left). Turn sharp left with the road (Badsworth Hall on your right). Continue for 60 yards and then turn first right along
Nineveh Lane.
After a few hundred yards, turn right (FP sign) along Grove Lane to be greeted by the strange juxtaposition of mile upon mile of lush-green fields dominated by the belching smoke of Ferrybridge power station. Follow the lane to its end, passing a detached house on the right and then barns with scattered farm machinery. Just past the barns, the unmade lane forks (at a sign reading: Private lane. No access) - take the right fork and press on over the fields with (on our visit) pig houses to your left. At the next track junction, turn left (bridleway sign), soon passing an ancient stone gate post. This is the unmade Burnhill Lane .
1) Follow the unmade lane for just over half a mile to a concrete bridge ( Burnhill Bridge ) over the tiny River Went, at this point no wider than a stream. Use the original packhorse bridge to the right of the concrete bridge and then turn right over a stone clapper bridge which spans a side stream. Go past the sewage works. When the sewage works fence ends, press on along the field edge, with river to your right, to a footbridge and turn right over this. Now go straight ahead between fields (arrow), over the brow, with the water tower at Upton Beacon (our destination) on the skyline.
2)Enter a housing estate at Thorpe Audlin. Cross over a street and go straight ahead down the green track opposite, between houses, to emerge in the main road in the centre of the village. Cross the road with care and go down Darnworth Lane opposite. Follow the lane to its end and turn right along Causeway Garth Lane into Thorpe Audlin old village, which offers a tranquil contrast to its twin community astride the main road. Thorpe Audlin began life as a Danish settlement known simply as Thorp, which means an outlying farm or hamlet. It acquired the "posh" second part of its name from the Audelin family who held the manor in the 12th century. Throughout the Middle Ages, local quarries supplied limestone to buyers from far and wide, the village being easily accessible from the old Great North Road. When the quiet lane turns left, go straight ahead (FP sign for Upton ) along a vehicle track, turning right to a modern farm house. Just before the farm, turn left along another vehicle track. At the track end, go half right, over the ditch, and across the field (waymark) on the well-worn diagonal path. At far side of field, turn left along field edge. At field corner, turn right over a footbridge. Do NOT turn left over second footbridge to enter the Bullcarr Mires nature reserve, but go straight ahead along field edge with ditch on your left. After about 100 yards, another footbridge comes into view - turn left over this.
3) Now stay alert! The main path goes left into the Bullcarr Mires reserve with its ponds, but this is not our route. Instead, turn RIGHT (ponds should be to your left) and take the obvious path going up the left-hand side of a hedge (the right of way actually goes up the right-hand side of this hedge, but is less well used). At field corner, go straight ahead up the short banking into the next field and press on towards the left-hand of two woods (water tower prominent) with hedge line now on your left. At field end, turn right for a few paces and then turn left over a stile and go up the side of the Coal Pit Plantation. Cross a stile (next to gate) to enter a green lane and follow this past the water tower (across to your right) and then the sports field on the edge of Upton . The water tower rests on the site of Upton Beacon (975ft), one of the many beacons established the length and breadth of the country to warn of the approach of the Spanish Armada. Sharp-eyed locals claim that, on a clear day, you can see York Minster and the Humber estuary from the viewpoint.
4) Turn right with the green metal railings surrounding the sports field (the home of Upton Rugby League FC) along a dirt road which becomes tarred at the houses. Follow it to emerge in the main road (B6474) and turn right along the pavement. At edge of village, turn right at the bridleway sign into Manor View and immediately turn left along a green lane ( Badsworth Church can be seen across the fields to your left). After a couple of hundred yards, at a fork, take the left branch down the field. At far end of field, cross into the next field, turning half left, and following a hedge on your left. This fine track leads in splendid fashion over the fields to a metal gate behind Rogerthorpe Manor. Cross the stile to the right of the gate and go over the field on the obvious path to the wooden fence which surrounds the big house, now a restaurant. Turn left along the fence to arrive in the main road.
5)Rogerthorpe Manor rests on the site of a Danish settlement - Domesday Book records it as Rogartorp, which means Rogar's farm. Again, as with nearby Badsworth, the estate was held by Ilbert de Lacy, the builder of Pontefract Castle. Cross the road with care and turn left along the pavement for 100 yards to a footpath sign and turn here through a metal gate. Follow the footpath towards Badsworth church tower. Go through another gate and and follow the footpath to arrive in Badsworth at the church.

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