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2010 Guestbook

  janis gallagher 25 September 2010 16:37:07

 Webmaster, sorry about the repeated comments,each time I entered the code it said not accepted,it lied!! Sorry you are going it is a really good site - I wish you well and thankyou..Janis gallagher.

Webmaster. The site is closing at the end of October due to the site "host" withdrawing.
BUT don't worry I am preparing a new site to take over.
There is a lot of info to transfer but by the end of next week there should be something to look at the new address is
I hope you will still visit.
 JANIS GALLAGHER 19 September 2010 17:02:43

 Thanks for that,have just got the newspaper yesterday(!18th).Let's hope all the hard feelings can be given a decent burial and good will return to your peaceful corner of this amazing world. I wish you all well.
Webmaster, Once again Janice many thanks for your good wishes may I return them for the Village.
PS. This site will be closing towards the end of October and replaced with a new site.
I suggest you check with the exisiting site late October for the new address, it may take a little time to get Google on side!
 dlnhzjanis gallagher 19 September 2010 16:53:46

 Thanks for that,it took a while for the paper to get to me.The storms are early this year onArran and when the ferry can't sail we don't get the mail or the newspapers - whichis sometimes a good thing! Let's hope all the hard feelings are given a decent burial and things slide peacefully towards Christmas only 95 days my neighbour tells me! All good wishes to you all..

Webmaster. Thanks for your good wishes I am sure peace will reign once more in the village
 janis gallagher 11 September 2010 10:43:30

 Hi there, what happened to the nursery planning application? Has it died a death or is it being re re reconsidered? interesting to know...
Application is approved I believe - see last week's Hemsworth and South Elmsall express
 Janis Gallagher 09 September 2010 22:23:15

 I'm dying to know - hopeit was a 'yes' and there will be a nursery within your wonderful school. Or was it a 'no' and the school will be weaker.....
Webmaster - See answer above
 ryan 08 September 2010 09:51:24

 how did the Lawson hut get its name ?
Try looking via the "Lawson Hut" link on the Home Page.
 Chris Hallatt 04 September 2010 19:53:58

 For the last 18 months I have been conducting a search of my family history in my local area (Sheffield).
I have come across one of my family members, John Allott who married Isabella Norman at Badsworth on 28 July 1633 and wonder if you can assist me in any way in providing me with any information about him and/or tracing his own antecedents.
Can you please let me know direct using my email address.

Many thanks for any assistance!

Chris Hallatt
Webmaster. Can anyone help?
 K Palmer 18 August 2010 22:57:01

 I do remember Ken Jenkins very well and would like to hear from him regards Ken Palmer
Thanks Ken I will pass on Ken Jenkins e.mail address to you.
 Ken Jenkins 16 August 2010 12:47:20

 It was great to discover your website recently.
I was resident in Badsworth from 1957 at the age of 13 when my father bought Glendale (just by the bus stop).I passed through recently and saw that the original house has now been replaced by a very impressive new dwelling complete with electronic security!
I have many happy memories of Badsworth but don't recall Danny and Audrey Perks. However, I do remember Ken Palmer and would be pleased to hear from him. I would also be very pleased to know about the wherebouts of Joyce Barker who lived in the farmhouse in the terrace adjacent to the post office. Finally, if anyone remembers me or my family and wishes to contact me pleasse do.
Webmaster - Anyone remember?
I will pass on the e.mail address to anyone wishing to contact Ken
 Karen Warne 21 July 2010 15:35:20

 I would like to know who to contact about having a stall at your fete for next year.
Many Thanks

Don't know who will be in charge next year but I will ensure your details are made available and you will be contacted in due course.
 Janet 18 July 2010 16:35:10

 I'm so pleased that Melanie R is enjoying the hanging baskets in the village. Considering they only cost £2000, they are a bit of a bargain. It's good to know that in these austere times, the Parish Council are spending the funds raised from the Parish Precept so wisely.
Thank you for your kind comments.
 Melanie R 13 July 2010 17:51:37

 I just wanted to say how lovely the hanging baskets are this year!

Thanks Melanie, I'm sure the BPC will appreciate your comments
 K Palmer 05 July 2010 17:21:21

 I knew a (Danny) Perks who had a partner called Audrey this could be him regards Ken Palmer

Webmaster, Thanks for the info Ken.
Do you require any other information Roy?
 Roy Perks 01 July 2010 15:22:14

I am looking for any information about ARTHUR DENNIS PERKS who lived and died in Badsworth, He lived at 2 Post Office cottages. I know he died on the 4th October 1981 he had a partner AUDREY JACKSON. Also can you please tell me the name of the local newspaper to see if there was an obituary
Hi Roy, you could try the Wakefield Express or the Castleford and Pontefract Express
 Kay Spencer 05 May 2010 10:23:24

 As I was busy giving birth to our second child on the 16th March I was unfortunately unable to attend any of the meetings concerning the development of the new nursery build. However as a concerned parent, who would like any parent, like to provide the best for their childrens future I would like to give my whole hearted support to the project.
My daughter currently attends the nursery and I would like to think that my son could also attend in the near future. If the new build was not to take place and the nursery to close I do not see any future for us in Badsworth. We currently have our house for sale and would not have a reason to stay in the village if we had to travel to another area that provided suitable nursery facilities.
Has anyone thought how not providing nursery places and risking the future of the school could affect the inflated house prices in Badsworth. How many other young families would not be attracted to buy here if this facility were to be taken away.
Also I received the flyer regarding the conservation area but have as yet to receive a letter regarding the retraction of untrue quotes !



Webmaster - Same comment as for the last posting - sorry!
 Michael 23 April 2010 14:58:37

Michael 23 April 2010 14:58:37


I apologise for the dealy in respopnding to you. I was waiting for a reply from various council officers.

With regard to the statistical data - the 'Sufficiency survey' that formed part of the basis used in assessing the grant application for funds for the nursery is a council document and is available for public scrutiny. I have asked for a copy to be sent to me and I am waiting for it to arrive. I did see the survey some time ago but I did not keep the paper copy that I had.

With regard to the planning application - the only person who has the right of appeal against a planning decision is the applicant who can appeal if the application is refused. No-one else can appeal against any decision. That is the law, however unsatisfactory it may be.

Best wishes

Sarah Balfour
Webmaster. Again my apologies for the delay in posting, I have a problem with the site at the moment and hope to sort out quickly.
 Michael 10 April 2010 13:13:50

Councillor Sarah Balfour (Labour)
Has not provided the statistics I requested nor has she contacted me.
I again contacted Councillor Sarah Balfour via e-mail and have yet to receive a reply




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